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There are plenty of Activities on Island to keep us busy. One event in particular keeps me coming back each year. Here are some pics taken during the 9th Annual Agat Mango Festival held in Guam this June.

The website; has more details about the event.

The Next event is expected to be the best Mango Festival Event since it will in its 10th year. A very successful event for visitors, the entire event is focused along the theme of (what else) Mangoes. If you’ve driven along the route of the island, you will notice the islands love of the fruit. Mango Trees can be found from the villages of the north to the deep southern part of the island. During Mango Season which is usually around May thru July, the Agat Mayor’s Office and volunteers begin the collection of Mangoes for preparation of the event. These mangoes are then prepared for various events and used for a variety of purpose including drinks, smoothies, desserts, contests, and more.

In addition, the mangofestival also has its annual 2k/5k event which is part of the local Guam Runnning Club’s and Mango Festival sanctioned event. This event brings the competitive runners as well as casual fitness enthusiast together for a scenic run along the beautiful route of the bay on one side and the rolling hills and mountains on the other.

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